I’m Quinten Juan Sanchez, and I focus on the art of furniture design through my experience as a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My portfolio and experience include a variety of work including; casework, tables, seating and lighting. The majority of my projects result from professional class collaborations through SCAD. I have designed for the contract, hospitality and residential market focusing on comfort, communication and relaxation. Through my design education I was able to expand my creativity through an increased skillset containing; advanced woodworking, welding and metal works, upholstery/soft furnishings and digital modeling/visualizing.


Furniture Design

As a designer I truly find my inspiration through the connection with nature. Emerging from my experience as a surfer, traveling and living in Europe, North-America and the Caribbean, I developed an interest in the relationship between humans and nature. My work seeks to translate that to design. I work in a minimal style representing my Dutch roots combined with elements from my experience living around the world. In all my work I strive to enhance the connection between people and living spaces by merging elements such as materials, textures, colors, form and even cultures together to create works of art that immediately, instinctively and emotionally move a person.
  • Furniture Design
  • Interior Design
  • Wood Working
  • Welding
  • CnC Machining
  • Adobe Suite
  • Solid Works
  • SketchUp
  • Metal Works
  • Carpentry


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